The Rock Cycle Ebooks

Teachers like The Rock Cycle ebooks because

Myrna Martin's activity-based Rock Cycle books are easier to use than any other Earth Science program available. They are designed for students interested in learning how to identify rocks and minerals.  Each chapter contains written information and a fun science activity. Your students will look forward to their science lessons when they know each lesson includes an activity.

Teacher preparation is short and simple

It will only take you a short time to prepare for these activity-based lessons. You will need to read the chapter title and the major headlines. Look at the colorful pictures and read the information about the pictures. Gather the simple and inexpensive materials needed for the activity. 

Visiting Ape Cave on the slopes of Mt. St. Helen

Why Students Like These Books

The rock cycle books contain fascinating information about how to identify the rocks on our planet. The students in the picture are on a field trip to large lava tube cave. Field trips to areas where you live are fun and exciting things to do with your children.

A fun way to get your students interested in the chapters in their book is to have them go through their book and find the materials needed for each activity.  Let them keep the materials in  their own special box or have a classroom set of materials they can all share. 

Geologists often purchase our Rock and Mineral Field Guide for their children to use when they go rockhounding. The field guide is smaller so it will fit in a back pack.

Millions of people live near the Pacific Ocean along the Ring of Fire. Our Earthquakes and Tsunamis is about the 40,000 km long Ring of Fire where 90% of the earthquakes and 450 volcanoes are located. The book is for anyone interested in learning how and why the Ring of Fire formed.