Rock Identification Ebooks

Why teachers like these ebooks

You will like our EZ Geology rock identification books because they are easy to use. It will take only a small amount of your time to prepare for each lesson. After working through a few chapters in their book that can do the lessons with minimal help from you. 

You will find that your students are fascinated with the different types of rocks found in each group of the rock cycle. Start with an identification book where they can easily find rocks near their home. 

Collecting rocks for their rock collection

Why students like our rock identification books

Students love to collect rocks. These four books teach rock identification so  because their are so many different types and they are so easy to collect. Walking beside a stream the students in the picture are collecting souvenirs on their field trip. When they get home they can sort them into different categories and store them in egg cartons. 

Your students will be eager to read about the different types of rocks they collect in this series of books. Each chapter is on a specific topic and has an activity related to the topic. 

Having a rock collection is a fascinating for students of all ages. Each chapter in our EZ Geology Identification series is on a specific topic. They can also begin to exchange rocks with friends who live in different areas to increase the variety of rocks in their collection.