School Ebooks

Why Students Like These Books

These books are designed for older students who are interested in a course in Earth Science. Students like these books because they can become independent learners with these easy to use ebooks.

Your students will remember more because each chapter is written about a specific topic about our planet. 

Our ebooks are easier to use than any other Earth Science programs available. Each chapter contains an activity that students can do on their own or in groups.

Students visiting the summit of a cinder cone after reading about volcanoes in their volcano book.

Why Teachers Like These Books

The books are designed to be user friendly for teachers. You will minimal time to prepare for each lesson. You can read the Chapter Summary that lists the most important points in the chapter without reading every page. 

The quiz tests your students understand what they read. They can correct their quiz using the Answer Key to see if their answers are correct. If they miss a question they can easily reread the information so they understand the important points they read.

The activities are fun to do and your students will enjoy science when every chapter includes an activity or experiment. The materials needed for the activities are inexpensive and are usually found around your home or at a nearby store.

You will like these books is on a specific topic and is filed with fascinating information about our planet.