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Rock Identification Ebooks

Our ID Rocks teach students how to identify rocks in the rock cycle and those minerals contained within the rocks. These books are designed for students that can read at a minimum 3rd grade level.

Students at this reading level need fun and interesting science materials that these four books provide. Each chapter contains written information and a hands-on activity.

There are 12 chapters in each book. If you have science three days a week, students will finish each book in 4 weeks. The four books can be completed in 16 weeks for a semester of Earth Science.

Why teachers like these ebooks
You will like our ID Rock identification books because they are easy to use. It will take only a few minutes of your time to prepare for each lesson. After working through a few chapters in their book your students can often work together in groups or on their own as they complete the chapters in the books.

Why students like our rock identification books
Students love to collect rocks. The boys in the picture are collecting rocks to add to their collection. When they get home, they can sort the rocks into different categories and store them in egg cartons.