Flight Activity Ebook by Myrna Martin
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AB Flight Activity Ebook

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Why this Flight activity book is for you!

You will like this activity book because it uses inexpensive materials for your children to learn about different ways objects can fly though the air. Most of the materials listed in each activity can be found around your home. The directions are clear and easy to understand.

Sample activities your children will like to do

  • Creating a Loop Airplane using a straw and two strips of paper.
  • See how far a balloon will travel attached to a straw and a string.
  • Creating a kite to catch the wind and soar in the skies on a windy day.

Fun Flying Objects

In this fun activity book, your children will be creating things that fly using paper, straws, and other materials to see how far they can fly. A Loop Airplane flew almost the length of a football field!

Treasure Hunt

The activities use inexpensive materials usually found around you home or at a local store. You can have a Treasure Hunt with your children before starting this fun science book.

Your children will have fun looking for science materials around your home. You can store the materials in a cardboard box. Your children will get excited about the various science activities as they look for materials during their treasure hunt.

Each chapter in the Flight activity book includes . . .

  1. A mini-lesson introduces each activity.
  2. List of materials they will need for the activity.
  3. Directions on how to do the activity.
  4. More Science Activity Ideas includes additional science activities your children can do.
  5. Science Behind the Activity is information for you.

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